MHD Auto School LLC.
30 Bessom st
 Marblehead, MA 01945

A Proud Tradition of Excellence
Get to Know Marblehead Auto School!
A Student's Perspective:

" I would like to acknowledge Jacie Clowery at Marblehead Auto School for great dedication to her students. I recently finished my driving eucation and can say with full truth that I am going to miss it. Not only does Jacie make every student feel comfortable in a vehicle, she also gets to know each kid personally to help them grow as a driver and young adult. Jacie is a great teacher, mentor and friend to "her kids" and is always there to help out when she can. Whether in the classroom or car, she always shows her shining positive attitude and makes each hour well worth the lesson. I recommend Marblehead Auto to any teen getting ready to brace the road. I know I speak for all her former students when i say, " Thanks for everything. We love ya, Jac." 
                                                            - Ariana Conte (Letter to the Editor, Marblehead Reporter)

Student Interviews:

" My experience was at Marblehead Auto was really great. It fully prepared e to take my permit and license tests. My classroom lessons were laid back but very informative, I certainly learned a lot. Driving lessons went really well too, the instructors in the car with you were understanding and helpful, it wasn't like talking to a brick wall, they could really relate to your issues and help you correct them." -Dan Whitehill

" My overall time with Marblehead Auto School was really great. I felt comfortable taking the permit and license tests, the course and driving hours prepared me for the tests without a doubt. I took my classes in a one week time during the summer, it was difficult learning while my friends were out at the beach but made easier by Jacie making the class truly fun while being informative." -Ian McGiver

"I attended Marblehead Auto this summer for a week in July. I chose it because it is local, I heard positive things, and it seemed like the easiest school to go to because of contact and location. My favorite part of the class was my relationship with Jacie. The school has a friendly environment and I felt very safe on the road. I would tell a new student that the school is fun, reliable, and you will become a great driver." - Kiley Fischer

" I would describe my experience as very positive. The class lessons were very fun and informative. The whole experience was really positive plus Jacie is really cool. My driving lessons went awesome. The instructors on driving lessons were all really nice and I got along really well with them." -Emma Barbera

            -Interviewed by Nate Cullen, Jake Kulevich, and Courntey Maag
Meet the Staff!

    "I chose to start my own driving school because I originally worked for another company part time. I really liked it and started to take on more and more hours. I realized that the town I lived in didn’t have a driving school and I knew I could provide a better program than what was out there so I decided to open up MHD Auto School. My favorite part of teaching is watching the progression of my students. I love every second from watching someone come in with little driving skill to getting their license, Marblehead kids really make the experience enjoyable. My goal as a teacher is to have safer roads in our community. I want to have more polite drivers, less road rage, and to have students that come out of my school to be thinking about others on the road.  As for the future of MHD Auto I look at things as a day to day basis and just work every day to make it better. Future students of MHD Auto should know I will work with them until they get their license and I will love them no matter what!" 
                                                                                Jacie Clowery, Owner and Instructor at MHD Auto
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